Anjali is voluntary organization founded in 1988 to work primarily for underprivileged communities in rural areas. A broad range of activities that Anjali carries out from its campus in Ranasan include healthcare, education, women’s empowerment, children & youth development and overall rural development in Sabarkantha and Aravalli districts of Gujarat. Currently the three major components of Anjali’s work include healthcare services through rural hospital in Ranasan, women’s empowerment program and environmental enrichment program.



    50 bed rural hospital with emphasis on emergency services, care of pregnant women and childbirth, NCD, eye care including cataract surgeries, subsidised medicines  and subsidised admission facility.

    women empowerment

    Activities based on the platform of 152 saving groups in 50 interior villages with around 2000 members. Along with savings and internal loans, awareness generating activities, agriculture inputs and interventions.

    adolescent and child

    Adolescent girls and boys program based in schools of 9 primary schools and 7 secondary schools. Children activities in 15 primary schools.


    Tailoring classes for women. Started post-covid-19. A course of 3 months duration.


    Reaching out to the people of two districts of Sabarkantha and Arvalli districts of north Gujarat. Weekly Eye camp for cataract surgeries and correction of refractory errors. Surgical operation camps.

    environment enrichment

    Program started with development of water bodies and presently tree plantation is the main programm. About 7500 standing trees in collaboration with the local Gram Panchayat.

     અંજલિ સંસ્થા ધ્વારા રણાસણ તથા  આજુબાજુના ગામડાની જરૂરિયાતમંદ બેનોનો સીવણ વર્ગ   

    તથા વિધવા બેનોને ખેતી ઉપયોગી ખાતર બિયારણ કીટનું વીતરણ