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વાર્ષિક અહેવાલ 2017-18

વાર્ષિક અહેવાલ 2018-19

વાર્ષિક અહેવાલ 2019-20

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A desire of two ordinary citizens of utilising higher education & skills to improve lives of the needy and underprivileged, evolved over the years in to an organisation having its impact on more than 250 villages with significant population.

A two room rented facility in a remote village with five workers including Founders, transformed in to a 3.5 acre campus with a 75 bed hospital,a training center, residential accommodations for 22 essential staff members and 65 full time workers. Activities related health, women & environment program, spread through the surrounding 49 villages, two districts, and five talukas and benefited poor people of around more than 200 villages..

Even though the founders were ordinary professionals and staff workers the activities of Anjali were sustained without government grants primarily due to significant contributions made by private sector donors, individuals, institutional & corporate donors. Over the years has created a group of infrastructure of more than Rs 70000000, meeting yearly deficit to the extent of Rs. 15000000 mainly through donations. Most of the donors do not belong to this area.

A principle of rational therapy, generic drugs, patient friendly policies & pro poor approach was successful in converting a two bed facility in to an active 75 bed primary& secondary care facility with services of more than 7 full time doctors and 14 visiting doctors. The concept of primary care hospital that Anjali was founded on has successfully turned in to existing reality.

Entering the service area with health work made it possible to incorporate other major programs like Women's program and Environment enrichment program.

Majority of staff workers were selected from local interior villages and were trained and retained. Local staff workers of all categories have facilitated smooth functioning of the hospital & the entire organisation

Even though not getting government funds andregularly ending fiscal years in significant deficit, the lowest salary complies with minimum wage guidelines, and all the workers are included in Provident Fund , Gratuity and granted 21leaves per year. There is an internal saving group of the staff members and any participating member can get loans worth more than Rs 50000 in times of need. The workers are offered free medical care including admissions & operations